Tayrona Colombia

Hello everyone!! It has been days without writing here in my blog and I am starting to miss it, we had some very busy weeks after our trip from Colombia.

My new favorite item for babies: smartbeat baby monitor

I remember when everybody told me that the hardest part of having a baby would be the first 3 months, and of course with Sofi it was the hardest because she was in the NICU for like 15 days.

back to school lunch ideas

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The end of summer is coming and my little Sofi is going to preschool. Where did the time go? When did she go from being my little baby to a girl who goes to school ? I'm going to miss everything about her, if it's only a few hours a day, I'm going to miss my little sofi too much. Although, I'm also happy and excited for all the things she will learn and the experiences that she will have.
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