Him and her

There is nothing that I love more than seeing you with her, nothing makes me feel so complete as seeing how you love her !

I know how she loves that you read her books. She loves your invented songs even when they don’t have any rhythm haha She loves to talk and talk hours with you. She loves to sit with you when you play your video games or when you see some TV shows. She loves to see you run with leo and she really like your kisses although sometimes not to much because of your beard !! But certainly she loves seeing you hug MOM and she is so happy when we are all together ( Dad, Mom, leo and her).
how happy I am that you’re here with her teaching her the better part of you. You two are a wonderful team, the one that you always dreamed. 

You’re already her hero, her greatest support, her greatest love, even when you still do not see it. I know it I see it in her eyes, in her smile, when she hear you voice, the joy that she expresses when you get work.

I’m not wrong in choosing you, you are the best father that Sofia might have. we love you  so much.

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