Sofía’s Birth Story

I know it has been a little more than 5 months since Sofía was born! But today I want to write and save not only in my heart but also on my blog all about the big day!
We have had our OB appointment days ago, some non-stress test where we found that my blood pressure was high. The doctor decided that I need to have some injections so that Sofía’s lungs could mature in case she wanted to come earlier. 10 days after I started to have a pain in my stomach that make me feel like full so I thought maybe I was eating a lot and maybe I could eat less to avoid this, but eating a little less didn’t help. The pain was there along with a lot of tears, feeling stress, frustrate and uncomfortable, I walked around my house, I tried to relax until late in the morning.
In one of those long nights my husband said we should go to the hospital if I was not feeling well that day I was not stubborn and accept that I should go (listen to him was the best decision) we went to the hospital at 3 in the morning. In our way we had to stop the car because I had to vomit. Arrived at the hospital with a pain that would not let me almost walk, at the entrance nurses were asking me a million things (I felt that way) they were very attentive and friendly all the time, questions were necessary, they were even asking me about domestic abuse, my husband would never touch me! I said why they asking me this ???? Right now ?? I’m dying of pain ?? But today I understand your concern and how valuable is that in this place they ask me and take care of this! Many people don’t want to talk about it and they wanted to make sure it was not that my case! Thanks to them for taking care of me !!
After the doctors controled my pain, doctors found I had my blood pressure too high and that meant I was going through a severe preclapmsia! YES!!! Preclapmsia is accompanied by severe symptoms and various relates to a reduced blood flow to the placenta! Anyway ! They said I had to lower my blood pressure and induce labor or have c- section.
WHAT?? Inducing labor ?? MY BABY HAS ONLY 34 WEEKS !!!! Those were my first words. I was scared I did not want something bad happens to her ! I felt fear and pain too. they used a small balloon on my case and they will inflate it slow! I do not know if they use the same procedure for everybody but that was more than uncomfortable painful, extremely uncomfortable,they busting the ball with a pill that helps you to delay.
Sofi is definitely coming!! it was around 30 minutes until I need epidural. YEEES !!! maybe I’m the weakest person of the world haha but I was tired, scared and with a lot of pain. 5 hours later I began to feel strong contractions, at 5:32 pm on March 21 my baby came with 34 weeks, 6 weeks early. I had no chance to hold her in my arms when she was born, doctors removed quickly and they took her. I just knew she was fine, breathing well and healthy but she had to spend a few days in the NICU. I literally saw nothing, everything was blurred due to magnesium injected all day and still have it for 24 hours more!! I was very tired !!
My husband was running through the hospital for 3 days, came and went, saw our little baby and brought me videos and news of her, he helped me eat when I could not even move my arms, He is our hero !!! and magnesium in the body is horrible! After 24 hours still super inflamed but more than ready to see my little girl , my husband took me to see my baby, the most beautiful moment of my life, she was so small and we knew that we need to be together we really needed to each another. But we were so happy to see her cute face!
I just thought how long I asked my heavenly father for it, my husband and I had been waiting so long to have her. That was wonderful ! we dont care anymore about how difficult was everything. she was here to give us the greatest joy of our life!
Sofía McCoy was born on March 21 at 5:32 pm 3 lb 8oz 16 ‘long. She was in NICU for three weeks, a few days had to use oxygen, some days were a little yellow, but it evolved very well. She was very strong and healthy and when she have 36 weeks old we could take it home. I left the hospital 3 days after she was born and were the hardest days of my life, leaving without her was hard every day, I wanted to lived in the hospital with her. I am too grateful for all nurses who cared of her and me. they had so much love and much care for my baby that I will be more than grateful, nurses with a huge and beautiful heart took care of a part of my life. My whole life. My Sofía !
One of the days we visited sofi someone left a gift for us. A small tiny blanket and this note.
It’s hard to come to this life and not have contact with my mommy! I know that doctors want to help us but I miss her to much. We have had some months together when I was inside of you, now we are alone to each other, and we both cried and cried, but someone gave my mom a little tiny blanket  that she can hold very hard!  She sleeps with it and keeps it close to her then she can fill it with love every night. When mom comes to see me she put it close to my skin and this makes me feel happy, I can feel my mom again, I love this small blankies. They work with love and affection, smell and keeps the love of my mom until I get back into her arms

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