The day we meet

I have never been so brave until the day that you born ! 

I was so happy that I could see your little face and having you with us. I remember some days being so busy thinking and trying to do the best for you that I forgot about how I was feeling. I remember how sad and worried I was for not having you with me at all time. today I remember how hard and brave it was going home and leaving you in the hospital every night. I remember crying in the car because I had to go, I remember waking up at night thinking how you were. I am so glad that you are so strong, healthy, lovely and beautiful !! I never going to forget the time that we spend together those hard but at the same time beautiful days ! I am so grateful for corey who was loving and helping me to be strong and positive every day!! Today and always I am so grateful for my little family !!!❤️

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