I love being her mom

Today I woke up with the idea to clean the house, I really want to clean the closets they are a mess right now or organize the room that has fabric everywhere or maybe the kitchen drawers that make me crazy BUT I only had time to take a shower!

Sofía had a day that She doesn’t wants anything other than to be with mommy ! I am ok with that ! We have a nice morning talking and playing then I try to make some carrots for her, she doesn’t like those to much ! And make her feel a Little bad the whole day ! She just want to sleep and be with me.
Well being a mom is Amazing haha messy hair, dirty clothes, messy house and lovely kisses and hugs from my little one.

Right now we just laid down on the bed and dad took a cute picture of us ! I love being a mom and I love to be her mom !

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