Sofi and Leo

If you have a dog you know you love and care of your dog seriously so when babies come to our lives we know everything is going to change, but what happen with our dogs, they are part of the family and they need attention and love too.

 I have a border collie who is with us a year ago before my baby came, I don’t going to lie to you I am dog lover I want to snuggle, kisses and have fun with my dog everytime but when my baby came was hard for us and maybe harder for my puppy, our baby was six weeks early and we have to struggle with a lot of things for that days so he take the change really hard, we try to give him attention and love and let him be close to us and specially the baby but he still wants more attention so he start to be a bad guy a really bad guy eating carpets, walls, tables and socks, when I said not he don’t care at all and I was desespérate even when I was try to be ready for this moments and including him in everything so we try some things that work for him and now a really enjoy my time with him and my baby girl, she love him and I pretty sure he love her too, he care about her and help me every time . 

Having a dog while having a baby have been an amazing experience, so I want to share a few tips about what to do with energy dog and a new baby at home : 

1. involve your dog from pregnancy, let them be close to you and talk to them about the new baby.

2. let your dog feel your belly and feel the baby moves.

3. Let your dog go into the nursery and familiarize with the things that you buy for the baby.

4. Be sure and very importan make your dog have all the vaccines and the regulations that they need to be healthy.

5. If normally you’re who takes the dog to walk left another person do it for you and begins to establish their new routines including other people in this

When the baby born: 

1. When the baby born sent to home some clothes of you baby and let the dog can feel confortable with the new smell.

2. When you already get home let the dog approach, explore, smell and acknowledge to the baby 

3. Try to make spaces and times to be with your dog. They need us and love us too. 

4.  Make a special place for the dog where they can be safe and comfortable.

5.  Don’t forget to play with them or taking them for walk, they really need to know we care about them.

6. And for sure give them a lot of love and let them feel close and part of the family. 
No body more than you know your dog and the reactions that they can have so for me was so importan let the dog be close to us so if you create a good relationship between your dog and your baby is going to be amazing for both, dogs can help with the baby development and help with the baby start to craw and play. 

Dogs are really good for make you baby grow strong and happy, take the time for incluing them and let them show the love that they have for us in my case I let my puppy be with me when my baby girl is having a bath or when I want to make a new activity for her, he really love to be part of our day and we love that he is part of our family too ! 

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