A letter to Sofi ...

My lovely Sofi !
Live happy, as well as always with the joy and that cute smile that you have for others, continue to be headstrong and achieve all that you propose, live a quiet and a simple life, with God always in your thoughts and in your heart. 

You’re unique, you shine and radiate joy everywhere, you have a big heart and a beautiful soul that makes you shine wherever you go, always use these qualities to do good and help others, always always do what you love and what you like, doing what you love is magical and beautiful. 
Always fight and dont stop to achieve those dreams that you have , if you have them in your heart it is because God put them there and you can achieve them.
Always surround yourself with people that are worth being around, those who love and smile in spite of everything, surround yourself with good people, but remember those who are fighting their own battles so always love, be nice and respectful.

Life moves very fast, I cant even believe you are already a year old so live happy, don’t let small and silly things affect you and damage your peace of mind.
Live no matter what others think or say about you. 
Don’t take things so seriously, don’t let the stress get into your life and live a life of tranquility.
Get to know yourself and love it, you are beautiful, smart and extraordinary. 
Take a chance, explore the world, know, learn and have healthy fun. 
Dance, and do everything that you propose to do with love. read, listen and learn that every situation in your life there is always something positive to be seen Be happy!!! I love you: MOM

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