Being in New York, seeing some friends, eating delicious food and visiting beautiful places it has been an amazing trip!!

I feel like I have been walking for weeks hahaha I am so tired but this city is so beautiful, it gives me so much energy and I can’t be more happy to have my baby girl with me in this adventure. What more can I i ask for if I have been traveling with the guy that I love and with my little chick 🐥 Sofi. I really want to go around the world with them. 

I know everybody said about traveling with kids like you can not go traveling or it is not fun with kids or things like that but definitely traveling with her is the best, I am in the places that I love to see or stay with the people that I love the most so it is going to be the best memories in my life !!! 

I was thinking that being with her is a lot of work because you know I have to be thinking about serious lunch, dinner and snacks and supply her needs but guess what it has been so fun because I tried amazing food, and see fun places and I have a lot of kisses and hugs from a beautiful little girl ❤ so probably at the end of the day I am so tired but soooo happy and there is no better way to sleep good than that way…happy and tired !!!! So I am so ready for the rest of the days that we have in New York with my little family. .

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