New York New York

Visiting  New York City  was amazing , we had so much fun walking around, exploring (sofi's favorite thing ) eating so many good things and taking beautiful pictures. 

I wanna tell you about our trip, what we did and all the fun places that we went !!  

We arrived late Friday night and practically we just go the bed so Saturday we went to the Chelsea neighborhood and took some pictures in the Gotham comedy club for a event and that was a really fun experience for me so then we went to Chinatown and had lunch there and we spent time with my family who we were staying with. 

On Sunday we went to see some friends. We had fun visiting with them, we played some games, we talked, and laughed all while remembering things we did when I first arrived at New your five years ago. 


 Empire State 

Empire State it is the best!!  Seriously if you go to new York you have to go there, It is beautiful and so cool to see !! So the elevators that take you to the 80th floor gets you there like in 3 seconds :O  then you take another one until floor 86, the view is so beautiful, the first thing that I thought when I was right there was the movie sleepless in Seattle :D anyway the view is so amazing. They have different prices but we did the 26 dollar tickets ! So don't miss this if you go New York !! I love how you can see the big New York City !! 

√ Times Square 

Well it is nice to see a lot of lights and people, I have a fun story about this place so were walking and we stopped in a park to rest for a little bit,  we don't have our stroller this day so we used a baby carrier all day and we were so tired, so take a umbrella stroller is so better to go in Manhattan, anyway the park was so nice they have books,  a ping pong table and music (love that park ) so for that moment Sofi wants a bottle and we made one and then decided to go and be in Times Square for a little bit. Right once we get to Times Square Sofi threw up the whole bottle that she just drank. I don't know if it is because of the lights or because we were walking while she was finishing her bottle. Well she threw up all over her clothes and we happened to not have any extra clothes for her. Well lucky for us she actually threw up right in front of the Disney store so we quickly went shopping through the store that both Sofía and I love. We found Sofi a nice warm pijama so that she would be warm. We stayed in Times Square for about an hour longer so that we could see the lights shine at night. 

√ Central Park 

It is huge really really huge , pretty and fun , it is just amazing that in middle of a busy and noise city they have a beautiful park to go and relax , the only thing is the people that offer you a ride to show you the park charge a lot of money and I don't think you really can see it all really well , that is why we decided to walk , walk walk and walk trying to find the bridge that the movie enchanted used or trying to find the fountain of friends and figure out that it is in California haha and by the way Central Park have a lot of fountains so that was fun, beautiful to go there and walk. 

√ Grand central 

We ran into this just trying to find the Empire State Building. so I was a little lost that day but once we saw the sign that said grand central station we said we have to go there and take some pictures . 


√ 9/11 Memorial 

Let me tell you it is so sad , In the beginning we think like maybe it is boring because you know you hear a lot about this ( news, internet, movies ) but it is well worth it , it is so sad to see all of that, stories, pictures , memories and heroes that make me think that there are good people still in the world that want to help others , that make me love more my family and appreciate the time that we have together !! 

This is down under the water falls that were made exactly in the place that the twin towers were , inside you going to find parts of the buildings , fire trucks that they used that day then later here is a part of the museum that unfortunately you cannot take pictures, but there you will find how they high jacked the planes who all of the people were who died and hear all of the messages that were left by those who passed away for their loved ones as well as messages left by loved ones for those who passed away. One that really hit me hard was a message from a husband to his wife right before his plane hit the second tower. There we pieces of the airplanes and other objects from that day, videos, pictures and words from destroyed families.

√ Statue of Liberty 

We decided to take the ferry to Staten island. The ferry is free and it goes right by the Statue of Liberty. We used this way to see the Statue of Liberty and take some really cool pictures as we rode past.


√ Zoo
So if you going to New York and you want to go the big zoo in Bronx made sure that you go Wednesdays because is FREE !!! So we went there almost the whole day ! This zoo is huge and beautiful! We have so much fun with my little Sofi !  

In the night we went with some friends to shake shack the In and Out burger place from the east coast ! And let me tell you it was so good I really loved the hamburger and the shakes !! We have so much fun with my friends I was so happy to see them again ! 


√ Coney Island 

We went to one of my favorite places in New York Coney Island, I love this place, the beach and the board walk is so beautiful, so we walked and ate at Nathan's hot dogs, the best hot dogs and fries ever ! After that we took off our shoes and let Sofi play for the first time in the sand !! We really enjoyed this day so much that Sofi was crying when  it was time to leave.

√ Brooklyn bridge 

After Coney Island we went to Brooklyn bridge, we walked and saw the beautiful view and took some pictures. 

The Brooklyn bridge is over New York City's river connecting the two boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn and is one of the oldest bridges in the United States, the bridge's two towers were built by floating two caissons, giant upside-down boxes made of  pine and then beginning to build the stone towers on top of them until they sank to the bottom of the river.

It is to fun to walk !


√ Museum of Natural History 

We went to the museum of  Natural History. YES  !!! That one from the a night in the museum movie we were exited to be there, we went with my little cousin Danielle and saw all the beautiful things that they have about Indians, animals and dinosaurs well they no to cute but fun to see !! 

√ Lds Temple 

After this we walked to see the Lds temple in Manhattan and it is hard to find in the middle of big buildings but is was beautiful like all the temples that I have seen, just perfect.


Was raining so hard so we stay at home and ate Colombian food  :D 


√ Long Island !!!  

I really want to live here !!! Beautiful !! I love the view , the apartments right there and the area are so beautiful. We went here to take pictures of Sofi and my cousin in the park.

We had lunch in a Brazilian restaurant that was delicious and Sofi was clapping all the time because they had live music and she loves it so we have fun with family and friends this day ! 

Monday we just pack and we was so ready to go home !!! We really love New York and all the fun that this city has, thanks family, friends and New York for our amazing vacation !!!!, we love it !!!


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