Happy Colombia Independence Day

July 20 Independence day of my beloved Colombia, today we will take our flag and celebrate with some empanadas (have you ever had one? They are delicious !!!) As you know I am Colombian and I am from my beloved city of Bogota, my Husband lived in Colombia for two years serving his LDS mission, so much of his heart belongs to my country. Today in commemoration of our independence day I want to tell you some things about Colombia so maybe some of you will be encouraged to travel with me on our next visit.

1. In Colombia you will never get bored, you will always find happy people, music, plans or places to visit. Colombia has more biodiversity than any other country on the planet. You can enjoy the Andes, the Caribbean, the Pacific coast, the Amazon and the eastern plains all of them with beautiful landscapes and a lot of plans to make.

2. Drug stereotypes are false, Although much of the country still remembers all that has been suffered because of this, Colombia is no longer a paradise for the mafia.

3. The food. Colombia has grown a great variety of fruits and vegetables constantly, but if you have visited my country you know about our homemade meals (soup, seco, juice and dessert), the arepas, rice, Aguapanela or the bread that is sold on every corner !!!

4. The music, we have a variety of music and incredible artists, but what I want to tell you here is that we love music, yesss !! We put music at full volume, we dance to whatever it is and we sing wherever we are (I'm glad that Sofi has that Colombian part in her haha) and Yeeees I'm also the one that sings and dances while cooking !! Dancing in our blood guys.

5. People. You will find everything like anywhere in the world, but Colombians are characterized by being kind, decent and happy, everything we take, we take the good side, we laugh for everything , we are hard workers, we are always looking for ways to get better. We are so patriotic, (I am the one who cries when I listen to the national anthem ). What also can I say about my people, we are so loud, we talk loud or at least me haha. Well if you know some Colombians you know what I'm talking about !!

6. Bogota. Colombia's capital city and my beautiful city to which I miss immensely, yesss along with all the traffic and noise. All of that !!! Bogota can be crazy, The city can go from sunny to rainy in seconds, if you go to Bogota you have to carry an umbrella, jacket, and sunglasses because you never know what the weather you will be getting during the day haha, our streets have numbers, not names , Bakeries everywhere, you find food from anywhere in the world, large shopping centers and colonial places.

These are some of the things I love about my country. Today my heart and my house will be yellow, blue and red and if you have visited my country and you have unforgettable places or stories to share today surely part of your heart will think of my beloved Colombia too.

Happy 20th of july Colombia !!


  1. Colombia Es pasión ❤️ Good job vivi

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