How to make a Quiet Book

Have you ever hear about the quiet Books ? I made one for Sofi a couple of months ago and she love it. Today I would love to show you step by step  how to make you own quiet book. It is honestly easy and fun to make. 

A fun activity to make at home and great opportunity  to motivate your children to learn with pleasure and to allow them to satisfy their curiosity. You can make your own style, It doesn't have to be really big book, This one is really simple and easy to make !!

Supplies :

Felt (Colors of your choice)
glue gun
Folder Rings
Permanent marker
Googly eyes
Picking letters


Choose a color for your felt book.
Cut each felt piece in half.

Page 1: for the puppy page cut two ovals, one larger than the other one to recreate the body and the dog face, four small circles for their paws and triangle for the tongue  The big oval you can paste it on the page. For the small oval glue the google eyes, paste the triangle and made the nose, cut in white felt the bones, once those are done, add velcro to the back of the paws, head and bones where you want them to stick so this way they can take them on and off and playing with it,  add eye-catching colors for the letters and Use different color for each language to write Dog and the meaning in Spanish.

Page 2: Cut 4 small squares and make sections glued leaving one of the open parts so you can slide the sticks on. Then paint the popsicle sticks according to the colors you can write in it the colors in Spanish. then, slide it into each section to keep it safe until it is time to play.

Page 3 :Cut a piece of felt the same size as the bottom page and then glue only the outer edges. Once they are dry and secure, fasten the zipper. Be sure to leave the zipper open so you can slide things there like a pocket and put some fun animals and you can put some letters to write the name of the animals in Spanish too.

Page 4: Cut a large square of the same size from the bottom page and then cut these in half (to create doors) and glue the sides to the page. Then glue one side to a door and add Velcro to the other so that it can open and close it. Create family puppets, you can have creative freedom to create your own family.

Add as many fun pages as you want, hole punch two holes in the left side, then put on the binder rings and it is done !

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