Dear Santa !

I remember as a child making letters to Santa a couple of times and my husband did the same so we talked about how our letters were limited to being a list of gifts and we wanted to do something different for Sofi so making a special letter for Santa was a beautiful Christmas activity that you can make with your little ones too so here is an idea of how to make a easy and fun Letter to Santa with a toddler. 

We used

  • Paper, stickers and markers

On the Letter I wrote

  • I Have been very good with (You can remind them how good they are with some things at home already )

  • I Have to be better with ( Some of the things that they have to learn and do better everyday)

  • My Christmas Wishes are  (I write like a spiritual wish, a material wish and a book )

  • Sofi decorated the card with her favorite stickers and she put it on the tree !

Send a letter to Santa  asking for the perfect gift sounds like a fun tradition but I want Sofi  to know the true meaning of Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and not seeing it only as the arrival of so many gifts, We wanted to teach her that she should ask for a spiritual wish, a material wish and a book so Sofi had fun and I was so happy to see her put her letter on our tree.

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