A Wooden Watch for Your Valentine This Year

We all have a love story to tell and today I am not only going to tell you about mine, but you will also have the opportunity to participate in an awesome Giveaway perfect for Saint Valentine.

8 years ago Corey was a LDS missionary in Colombia and lived there for two years. Once he ended his mission he visited my country a couple of times. I remember that we talked on the Internet sometimes but we never saw each other. Two years later I went to New York City on vacations and we became friends and a couple of months later I came to spend a few days in Salt Lake City where we saw each other and went out on a couple dates, Corey was the most romantic guy I had known throughout my life and he became my best friend, together we learned that things are at the time of God, that although we met several years ago and never had the intention of forming a family, our time was in that moment and that we were destined to be together at the time of God That's why Sofi and I decided to give him a gift, something that reminded us how valuable and pefect it has been our time together.

Why A Jord Watch.

JORD Watch has the most sophisticated and elegant watches that I have seen, they are specially made  for you and for all tastes, if you are looking for a perfect gift for Saint Valentine you can perfectly find it here. ( For man , For Woman ).

Corey works in an office and constantly attends people so his personal presentation is always so important, so the watch that we chose was not only perfect for his work but also was the one to go with his personality so I choose the CONWAY Kosso & Midnight Blue. The Kosso wood looks magnificent against the blue face of the watch. Sincerely, JORD Watches fulfilled all my expectations. Also the packaging is perfect and elegant.

The best of all of this is that I partner with JORD Watch so you can have that perfect gift for your Valentine too! One lucky winner will win a $100 gift card to use towards a watch of their choice. You can ENTER HERE, and everybody who enters receives a 10% off code just for entering in the Giveaway. You have until February 11th, 2018 use your codes!! How cool is this ? The contest will end January 28th, 2018.     

I want to hear about all of your love stories. So please leave your story in the comment section below and don't forget to enter the Giveaway!

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