Taking pictures with toddlers and an awesome idea to print them

Some of you have asked me about the photos with Sofi and how I can get her to take the pictures! Actually it is not easy but not impossible, I try to be as spontaneous and natural as possible. I try to have a nice moment and try to capture the real thing. I do not like the poses so much for pictures with her, I like more the spontaneous and the natural photos.

1. Spontaneity: This is the most important for me, the best photos are those that are not planned, the natural ones, the ones that don't hide anything and the ones that let you see how beautiful and natural is being a child. If you have your camera or phone on your hand at a special time, take advantage of it and if you don't have it dont worry and enjoy that nice moment ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Make photos a game: Do not force your baby to pose, or demand gestures such as smiles, kisses or glances. Play with him, make the moment something fun and full of smiles or adventures! You will manage to capture the best of them ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Take advantage of the moments: If you see your little one asleep or in some mischief, that is the right moment.

4. The right angle. One of the best angles to photograph children is to stand up to them or let them explore the place, to feel free and happy and capture the best of the moment.

5. Creativity: not always established is the only ideal. Look for different angles, look for photos from bottom to top, top to bottom or with air spaces, add something different to the photo or place!

Once your photos are captured do not forget to take the best ones to print and put them in a frame in your house, keep those beautiful moments and take them with you everywhere, I use my favorite photos of this season and put them on our phone cases, sofi loves to see it all the time as much as I do! If you would like to have a case like this run for yours and use the code THEMCCOYS20 to have 20% off. Caseapp has beautiful designs for your cell phone or computer or you can design your taste! (Code Valid until 01-31-18)

www.caseapp.com  go in there and design your own !!!

Happy Sunday everyone !!

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