There is always a reason to smile - Teeth Whitening at home

Smiling has a magical power in our lives and today I want to tell you 5 things about why smiling is so powerful and important and talk to you about Smile Brilliant that has made me smile even with more confidence.

Why smile is so powerful and important:

1. Smile eliminates stress

2. Smile has a lifting effect on the face and a rejuvenating effect

3. Smiling helps us stay positive

4. Smile changes our mood

5. Smile makes us feel happier

Smile for me is so important so that is why I am very excited to try this teeth whitening from SmileBrilliant. This is how it works: First SmileBrilliant will send you a kit with all that you need to mix up the putty for your molding trays, this is easy to do, it doesn't take me more than 15 min, it doesn't hurt, and it's even fun to do it, next you have to send back your mold trays with the paid envelope, and wait for your molds. (they don't take to long) mine were back really fast.

Once you have your molds you can start using your whitening at home while you get ready for your day or while doing your chores or in my case I did it at nights before going to bed. This is easy to use, especially if you are a mom and there is almost no time at all 😅. 

Smile Brilliant makes this process easy to do for us so first you have  to apply your whitening gel in the molds and use it for like 45 min, after this you have to use the desensitizing gel for like 15 min and you are totally ready to go ! (some people are very sensitive so the desensitizing gel will be so good for that) To be honest, I didn’t  had any bad experiences or any problems and I am so happy  with my results!

Honestly I am fascinated with the results, it took me just a week to see the difference in the tone of my teeth, each person is different, so this will also depend on how your teeth have been treated in the past and what color they have.  in my case I did it 3 times a week and it worked for me, I did them at night before going to bed. 

Before / After 

If you would like to have your own kit and try this wonderful whitening technique I have joined with Smile Brilliant to host a giveaway for all of you! So One lucky winner will receive a $149 credit as a t-3 sensitive system ! All you have to do is enter HERE !! and remember a smile is the best makeup an the pretty thing that we can wear !!! 

With love, Vivi

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