Our new morning routine and our favorite Gummy Vitamins

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The last few weeks have been crazy for us, we've been running, moving into our home, baby number 2 on the way and getting ready for a trip to Mexico that we are going to this weekend, so our routines have changed a lot .

Our mornings are a little crazy, on the one hand Corey doesn't like to have breakfast (he almost never has breakfast) and with Sofi it has cost me a lot of work because she has days that are the same, she doesn't want to have breakfast and only takes her bottle, however for me the breakfast is the most important food of the day, I can't start my day with out breakfast so I push a lot that my family can leave home or start the day with a good breakfast.

Corey on the other hand is getting ready to go to his work while I prepare breakfast and I try to make everyone eat or take some breakfast every morning. After this, Corey goes to work and my work day also begins. While Sofi plays with her toys, I organize the home, I do some exercise and take time to answer emails and do some photo editing. When Sofi takes a nap that gives me time to prepare lunch or have a little time for me.

So lately as our routine had been disorganized because  the changes we have had as a family I have added to our new routine the Natrol Vitamin Gummies and the truth is I feel that we are already taking a new routine. We are happy and more adapted to our new home. Corey and I have definitely wanted to worry more about our health and eat healthier, do some exercise and definitely include some vitamins in our daily lives. To be honest I'm not a pill-swallower, but these have been something good for us, they taste like candies, they're made with organic ingredients (which is my favorite thing)  non-GMO, gelatin-free, vegetarian, made with 26 fruits and vegetables and free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservative, we definitely love them.

So I am so happy that we can finally have a morning routine in our new home, even when we get a little crazy and we get out a little bit out of the routine, we still keep on working on being healthy and having a happy family. 

So here some Benefits of Natrol Gummies
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