dad and daughter activities and a beautiful gift for dad

25 weeks of pregnancy and I can not believe that we will soon have our second baby girl here with us, I can not deny that although I am already a mom I feel anguish, excitement, nerves and all the emotions that you can imagine but there is one thing that I have been thinking about so much.

I love being a mom but I love seeing the relationship between Corey and Sofi , I love that they are best friends, what accomplices they are, how they play and how they share their time together, I cannot wait to see when another girl joins this crew of mine. 

So today I want to make a special gift for that man who dedicates his time working hard for his girls, who after a long day comes with a smile on his face to make us laugh and make our day full of joy ! This special Jord watch has undoubtedly been a brand that we love to work for, excellent presentation, durable materials and beautiful designs! Jord watches is part of our family and is always my first option when I want to have a special gift for my husband who makes our days all the time.

So today I want to share with you some pictures of my favorite persons of the world, this beautiful watch and 5 activities that we use to strengthen and make strong that bond between dad and daughter without spending a lot of money ;)

1. Cooking time

Sofi loves this activity, she only has to have flour, water and a couple of spoons haha ​​she enjoys, learns and gives too many hugs and kisses while their cook, she loves to make cookies and muffins. :)

2. Swimming time
This activity is Corey's favorite, he is a swimming lover and he loves to teach sofi and she loves time with him in the water (mom for her part is super protective and nervous most the time hahaha)

3. Exploring places
We love this activity as a family, but I know that Sofi enjoys every trip, every hike, every step on the shoulders of daddy, asking each thing and observing everything around. 

4. Movie night
Sofis favorite, she loves watching movies and especially with dad who knows all the songs, they dance and sing together and of course you have to have popcorn (Sofi loves popcorn)

5. Reading time
Best activitie to strengthen those bonds of love and friendship between father and daughter, learning new words, stories that later Sofia tells me (her favorite with dad is Batman and all the places you go)

Now Sofi and I not only want to give to our amazing guy a gift but we also want to give you the opportunity to participate in this giveaway by Jord watches and win the perfect gift for that wonderful dad and spouse you have at home :)

I hope you enjoy our post ! have wonderful day :*

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