The story about my preeclampsia

In my first pregnancy I got preeclampsia severe, why? The cause of preeclampsia has been unknown for years and unfortunately there is no reason why you can have preeclampsia. 

What is preeclampsia? It is hypertension during pregnancy that damages the kidneys causing protein loss in the urine. If it is not controlled, its complications will endanger the mother and the fetus. 

How did it start in my pregnancy? Approximately in the 30th week of my pregnancy some symptoms appeared, my legs and feet began to swell, I had vision problems, headaches and as the weeks passed I got gastritis and I felt a tension in the neck impossible to solve, ( symptoms that usually occur in some pregnancies) so it is difficult to identify at first glance that there is preeclampsia.

Some symptoms of preeclampsia are 

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
Swelling (Edema)
Nausea or Vomiting
Abdominal (stomach area) and/or Shoulder Pain
Lower back pain
Sudden Weight Gain
Changes in Vision
Shortness of breath, anxiety

Ok with the days my blood pressure was getting high and higher, so week after week, reaching week 32 my blood pressure kept rising and my doctor suggested some injections to mature the baby's lungs in case she will born early, two injections, one in each hip, in week 34 after two days without sleep because my gastritis pain we went to the hospital to find I have preeclampsia severe and I had to be hospitalized and induced to deliver. My organs were swelling and my blood pressure was too high, my delivery was induced and Sofia was born in week 34 weighing 3 pounds and 12 ounces, I could see my baby 2 days later because the next day of delivery I could not move and I was blind because of the mercury they put in my body to control blood pressure and prevent internal organs from swelling. 

3 days later I left the hospital and had to leave Sofi in the NICU for 3 more weeks. She was healthy but needed to grow a little more to come home with us, it was 3 weeks where we practically lived in the hospital,  we would spend all afternoons being mama and papa kangaroo(skin to skin) which helped her to grow much faster, and lets not talk about the sleepless nights worried about her, the afternoons when I left the hospital and I went home without her !! Today I am in week 35 of my second pregnancy, happy to have overcome that week I was so afraid of, today with gratitude, we have overcome fears and anxiety and have had the opportunity to have a different pregnancy. 

To all those moms who have gone through pre-eclampsia and who today are afraid of getting pregnant again, I say that everything is possible and that after preeclampsia, you totally can have a different pregnancy! Thanks to all those who have sent me messages and made me feel that I am not alone and that we are a large group of strong and powerful mothers who have passed and conquered the preclampsia 💪 Thank you for so much love and support.


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