Happy Birthday Sofi

Sofi is fan number 1 of ariel so this year we wanted to have a little mermaid party, celebrate and spend some time with family and friends at home and we love it !

I am not the best organizing events or parties haha ​​but I try to put together sofi's favorite at parties so ballons and cake was the main thing.  I'm also a fan of  simple and practical stuff.

Sofi was happy,  she played,  ran,  sing and dance, also she love that we sang happy birthday to her. without any doubt his favorite thing was the cake, every day she gets up asking for a piece of little mermaid cake now hahah

This is what we used for Sofi’s little mermaid party:

From amazon
A balloon Deco Strip, 16.5' to make the wall balloons.
Sofi dress.

From target
Balloons of different colors and sizes
Mermaid ballon
All of this with the colors of the party

From Walmart
 Purple and pink cookie frosting
Chocolate pearls

Cake from

Thank you all for the nice messages for Sofi on her birthday :) we love you all ! 


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