Today I want to tell you about my baby tula carrier. It's the new signature collection, a line of handmade. 

Their designs are beautiful and it is an incredible work done by hand by wonderful and hardworking women.

Their presentation is beautiful and arrives in a beautiful box 😍

It is really easy to get on and off 
It’s adjustable to your baby’s size. 
( You can adjust the width and the height to accommodate your baby) you can using it as little as 7lbs! 

It had a pocket to stuff my phone or debit card !
The design that I choose is the woven desert sunrise and I love it ! 

Some other products that I love from baby Tula!

Use the code THEMCCOYS5 to have $5 in your shopping with BabyTula


  1. Love the design of this baby carrier! We loved baby wearingZ

  2. Wow/ so many great features of the Tula!! I had no idea.

  3. This seems like a great baby carrier and it’s so great when you can explore with your hands free. A travel must!


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