California 2019

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to California, a 9-hour road trip with our two girls and we made a visit to Disneyland.

Last year we celebrated Sofia's birthday in Disneyland and this year we wanted to have a mini vacation in California!

So here some essential things for the days at Disneyland and for a long road trip 

Baby Tula carrier
We love baby Tula! The first thing that I will put in my suitcase this year !!! It is perfect for carrying the baby, comfortable, practical and easy to use, my baby loves it, its styles are beautiful, perfectly handmade with beautiful designs to choose from!

Capturing the best moments in the family is important, that's why we always load our cameras. This year we already have the experience of not carrying tripods or camera accessories or go pro, for security Disneyland does not let you enter any of these accessories to the park!

Comfortable clothes
I always charge double clothes for everyone, comfortable shoes or change shirts.

Essecial, children get tired and need to take a nap sometimes, so it is important to have a stroller.

A lot of snacks, I always charge goldfish or cookies and juices for sofi!

Autograph notebook
Sofi's favorite!

Portable toilet seat
Now that sofi is potty trained I use this Portable potty seat. and is perfect and we love it when we are far from home.

Aid kit
Afew band-aids, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen for yourself and Tylenol for the kids.

iPad, music, movies, toys, Books and snacks

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