My new favorite item for babies: smartbeat baby monitor

I remember when everybody told me that the hardest part of having a baby would be the first 3 months, and of course with Sofi it was the hardest because she was in the NICU for like 15 days.

When we brought Sofi home she woke up every four hours, ate and went back to sleep, she was like a clock with everything and a super calm baby and she adapted really quickly to new things, but I always woke up as many times at night to check if she was still breathing or to make sure that she was fine. With Tessa it is a little different story haha ​​she recently started to sleep all night, she woke up several times at night, she eats and I can't even move because she will wake up again haha. I tried to put a crib next to me and she slept a little longer but still woke up a couple of times. so it is easier for me to co-sleep with her as I did with Sofi and I love it! So now we do co-sleeping again and finally until a few days ago she began to sleep all night long  🙂 she also adapts to the changes easily but I think it takes a little more time for her. during the day she takes naps in her crib but she wakes up silently and crawls or escapes out of it and then starts crying. Every time she took a nap I had to check her every minute to see if everything is ok but now we have Smartbeat and it has been the best thing to have at home.

Smartbeat is a baby monitor that captures, analyzes and documents each breath of your baby, you can listen in and talk to your little one as you needed, you can have alerts when your baby falls asleep and wakes up, you can know that baby's breathing is at healthy levels, you have digital zoom and can zoom in from the app. You can check in from work or date night. I love that I can move it and locate and not only when tessa sleeps in her crib but also when she is playing with sofi in the other room and I can  make lunch or dinner while I see them from my phone !!!

as the mother of a premature baby I wish I had Smartbeat many years ago and  today is one of my favorite baby items that I can have and I highly recommend it. I love it and if you want to have a deeper look or have your own go check out


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