Hi you all !!  Today I want to talk you about how are we raising our girls bilingual and I want to start saying that for me it is too important my daughters speak specially Spanish because I feel it makes our relationship stronger and better if I communicate with my daughters in my native lenguaje. We know they are going to speak and understand English perfectly too so school, friends and family for sure around them will be speaking in English all the time. 

Now I know that many of you have asked me about how I am doing and how I am teaching my girls to speak Spanish more so I wanted to share some things that we practice at home every day to raise my girls bilingual !!

1. Start as soon as you can

Babies in the womb can hear us around 4 or 5 months.  Talking and interacting with your babies since their newborn stage lays a foundation for any lenguaje.

Corey and I normally speak spanglish all the time so since we get marriage we agreed that we only speak Spanish with our daughters. We both love Spanish and we are so happy that we can teach that to our daughters so I think is important to have like a family agreement so you and you spouse need to be on the same page, you will be more proactive in teaching them, now starting early also make the lenguaje become a habit, I know in the beginning it will feel a little strange to speak another lenguaje with your kids if it is not your native lenguaje of course but it become a habit and this will help you to be and stay consistent on it.

2. Speak and teaching throughout the day

Toddlers love to help and if yours is like mine that keeps talking and asking is even better haha so use Spanish words to name stuff at home. (cocina, cama, ropa, comida, platos, juguetes etc) or use longer phrases (Guarda las medias, ponte esta camisa, donde están los zapatos, vamos a comer etc.) I speak with my daughters at home and abroad 90% of the time in Spanish. 

3.Read our loud

My girls love read time!!  We have bilingual books and I try to have time for it everyday and they love it !! Reading help them to memorize words so I think this is a pretty good tool to use for raising bilingual kids.

4. Games and movies

Games with colors and numbers is what we usually play and they love it. Children practice and reinforce their learning during the game time ! And when we watch movies sometimes we watching in Spanish or we have days that we watching also in English but 70% of the time we watch tv in Spanish. 

5. Music

 We listen to music all the time and most of the time in Spanish too, we dance and sing, we tried to learn the lyrics and we love it! (Sofi knows many songs in English and Spanish)

As you can see I push Spanish a lot and in our family it is our primary language so we totally communicate better in Spanish and we love it.

So please if you have any questions or comments about it feel free to let them here, I would love to read them !! 

We love you all !!!

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