“We had the privilege of being hosted by Wildflower Zion Resort . All opinions are my own. "

The past week our family time was amazing and it was just what we needed, with travel plans canceled for the summer and wanting to get out of the monotony we ventured to go glamping with Zions wildflower resort, we had seen pictures on the internet about them but when we arrived at this place we were amazed.

We arrived on wednesday and checked in at 3 in the afternoon, the people who received us on the office were incredibly friendly, gave us directions and keys to our bungalow.

So if you love the idea of ​​camping but you are looking for comfort and a great family time, glamping is the perfect solution. Just imagine all of the best bits of camping with luxury and glamor thrown in, glamping was for us a great experience.

Our trip was 4 hours from Salt Lake City, we arrived to do our checking at 3 pm on a Wednesday, our first day, we love our bungalow, it was so comfortable, clean, glamorous and cozy place,  mi girls were so happy, we brought some food, we rest for the trip and we went out to explore the place, we played cornhole and we ate smores that night (can you believe that it was my first time making and eating a smore 😂) we watch the sunset and it was soo pretty ! It was soooo perfect !!  We go back into our bungalow at 10 pm and the girls fall sleep and we stay until midnight to watch the starts together in our little patio.

We had planned to go to Zions national park but due to the pandemic the tickets was limited and we had to buy them in advance, so on Thursday morning we got tickets for Friday. (Know that you must separate the bus tickets and arrive at the time that corresponds to you with all the requirements of social distancy, once you are in the park you must pay for the entrance to the park and go hiking responsibly 🙂

On Thursday my daughters played in the park, we took some photos and left the place, very close to Zions resort we found a place like a cowboy town with old houses and a store where there were some animals, we feed them and my girls love it, we got food and snacks and we returned and spent our time in the resort. Our time there was amazing, we spend family time, laughed and enjoyed the place. It is so beautiful and magical and brings so much tranquility that you do not need to go out to another place, at night we made smores and we went to bed late listening to stories and talking for a long time.

Friday morning we went to Zions park, we did a hike up to narrows ohh yeah! We took the bus to the last stop and then we walked for a little more over an hour !! It was incredibly beautiful,  it was a lot of water to walk in and my girls were a little cold and tired haha so we went back to our check out to the resort.

Now I want to tell you more about this place

They have three types of stay


This is the experience of camping under canvas in a glamor way. They have cozy bedding, heating / AC, rugs, table and chairs. They have like a little balcony to see the gorgeous Zions park view.

The wagon

The covered wagon has a king bed, bunk beds, a sitting area, and heating / AC and of course a beautiful view.

This luxury bungalow

It is the king suite bungalow, the Western Wallflower Bungalow, the sego lily bungalow and the two bedroom bungalow that was where we stayed in. our bungalow had a king featherbed, cool A / C, a Sactional that doubles as additional sleeping bed, coffee makers , a mini-fridge, microwave, a private deck with a swing, bathroom and amazing shower, a patio with chairs and a little table and your own parking spot.

Amenities & Activities

Their amenities also allow you to get into the spirit of camping (fire pits, briquette BBQ grills) the yard games (cornhole, giant Jenga, spike ball, and ping pong) you can rent bicycles and take a ride around the Virgin area. The view is incredible and the time we spent with the family away from the monotony was incredible, we are already planning anorher glamping time there. 

You don't really saw a lot of the people, a mean the place is so big and everything is separated from everything that it really seems that you are alone with your family, the interiors of each place are very very glamorous 😍 that makes you want to stay inside and not leave! You don't have TV or internet which was great for us, our time was really valuable and magical! So if you are looking for a place to go with your family, where you are calm, alone, comfortable and happy, Zions resort is the better option ! I can't wait to glamping again with them !!

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