Install a Kitchen Backsplash : DIY

 Hello everyone ! 

We install the backsplash and paint the island of our kitchen and I have a new kitchen and I love it !! This is a project that will transform your kitchen so here is our step by step.

step 1

The first day we removed the board and covered any holes in the wall that were left, we removed the covers from the electrical outlets.

Step 2

(plan the tile) Before gluing the tile to the wall, you need to plan where you are going to place each tile. This helps keep your pattern from looking strange or damaged when you already have everything applied and can't fix it.

we spend too much time planning it, squaring each tile. We glued the first tiles with painter's tape and placed the tiles on the kitchen floor.

Step 3

Be sure to cover your cabinets, counters and floor with bags, paper and painter's tape, Note ( remove it as soon as you lay your tile or the tape will stick to the counter)   clean the wall before applying the tile.

Step 4

 (Pre-cut the tiles) This was what took us the most time, cutting and getting ready is important because mortar dries fast (30 minutes or so), so whatever time you can save by getting the tiles ready beforehand helps.

Step 5

Mix your mortar and apply mortar. Once you have all the mortar ready to use, it is time to place it on the wall and start tiling.

Step 6

place your tiles and spacers and let dry. we waited a whole day.

Step 7

Grouting the tile, spread the grout all over the lines between the tiles. Following the directions for your grout, then use to quickly wipe off heavy excess (before it dries on the tile). Next, grab a sponge to clean up the extra grout.

Step 8

Caulking. We chose to make white caulk to blend into the grout and I also made sure to choose kitchen and bathroom compatible caulk so it could withstand water, basically, you caulk where all the planes meet,  between the countertop and the tile and between the tile and the wall.

and is Done !!!

I still can't believe the big difference after painting and installing the backsplash in our kitchen, the space already feels much bigger, bright and I love it !!!

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