Sofi Turns One

It’s been a full year of emotions, sofi has grown pretty fast and I almost can not believe she already has a year.

She doesn’t wants mom hold her and she wants to explore every corner in the house, sofi brought to my Life the best, it has changed me and showed me the true love, now I am more patient (well for some things) I am more aware and I see the life with more joy. She was that piece that we were missing in our family, she makes our days so much better !!

Is the first year of a wonderful life and I promise I will do my best to always be by her side, to make her see the beauty of life, to be a positive and happy person, make her love and see how beautiful she is inside, I want her to value herself and always see that she can help others, that she is unique and always deserves the best, that she can go as far as she wants, that she must fight and work for her goals, To dream big and work to get it, I also want you to travel, to travel and visit as many places as you can, to know and love people as they are and of course wherever you go, always carry God in your heart.

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