5 ways to keep your Healthy Resolutions for 2018

I have always believed that I can achieve everything I set out to do! I like to challenge myself and create goals for myself.

I am a mom and normally my day flies by and I forget to take care of myself. I love to run and I constantly try to do it, but I have certain moments where I am full of excuses and I take my time in other things.

But this 2018 I have no more excuses and I want to focus not on a number on a scale or how many calories in a day I eat but on my health and my love for me and to accept me which is more important than having a perfect body.

I want to talk to you today about Nokia Body + smart scale that has been helping me achieve those healthy goals that I love so much for me and my family. So today I want to share 5 ways to keep your healthy resolutions during the year and how to do it with Nokia Body+ smart scale

1 . Make a plan

Make a plan and find how you can deal with the temptation to skip that running day or that exercise that you do at home. for me the Health Mate app and my Nokia Body+ smart scale help to remind me what I have to do.

2. Dont give up

Do not give up if one day you eat a brownie (which I love so much) or if one day you did not reach the goal you wanted, just start over and do remember that the numbers or counting calories during the day is not more important than being healthy.

3. Work as a family or with a friend

At home we have started eating healthier, we exercise together (especially sofi and I when dad is at work) and together with Nokia Body+ smart scale we can have a complete body analyzer and we can see our weight, bone mass, water, muscle mass , and fat mass. It even gives you the weather ! and you know what is the best it has special modes for babies and pregnancy. :)

4. Stop Caring About some things that do not matter

worrying too much generates anxiety and costs us a lot of energy, so find those things that you know are not so important and let them go as quickly as possible, it helps me to be more motivated and focused on those goals that I want so much.

5. Love Yourself more

Make some exercised and stay healthy because you love your body and you love being healthy and not because you hate something about you, I used to hate my legs I always thought they were too thin, but no more !!! I love them  and they are just perfect for me! Work on you, say nice words for you and remember every day to be happy and smile :)

This post was sponsored courtesy of  @Nokiahealth . All opinions are my own.


  1. What a great post Vivi! So inspiring and motivating, but yet so u understanding and encouraging. Thank you. I love your 5 step plan!

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