The coolest face mask I've ever had by Dr Brandt

A couple of weeks ago I've been trying Dr Brandt and I want to tell you that it has become my favorite brand !! Their products totally have me in love.

The magnetic mask, the coolest mask I've ever had !!! (I was so excited to use it and removing it was so cool 🤗) with powerful anti-aging action that helps the skin feel smoother and brighter, reduces fine lines and is formulated to stimulate the natural production of collagen, you have to apply it the same way as a normal mask and you don’t need to remove it with water, it brings a magnet that is doing all the work (I use paper with the magnet ), you just pass it close to the face and is done !!!!! Now you have the softness skin and a unique and pretty face.

The Hydro Biotic Sleeping mask with ceramides, fatty acids and soothing active ingredients, deeply hydrates and reduces redness and irritation while you sleep. I use it after my magnetic mask or you can use it while you sleep at night. Then in the morning, my skin looks fresher and healthier 💁🏻

Water booster! Totally love it ! It rejuvenates, restores and helps protect the skin from the effects of free radicals ✨ the taste is so good. I always add it to my favorite food or drink.

So how not to be In love with all of this ! So Dr brand is in my list of my favorites beauty products forever !

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