First week with Tess

A little update of how our first week is going, how Tess is doing in our home and how she loves her cute bassinet.

• Corey has been playing most the time with sofi in her little kitchen and wearing a princess headband that sofi loves 🤣 (also watching a football game he said "what the crap" and that was sofi's favorite word for like an hour! 😐🤭.

• Sofi has been amazing, the first day with the baby at home she completely ignored me for like 30 min but once she approached us, she has been the most tender and loving big sister in the world, she claims her time to hold her, she wants to help with everything, she also uses my breast pump machine as a phone to call daddy 🤣.

• Mom has been happy! Nothing could make me happier than being a mom, I love my girls. My recovery from delivery has been very great. I cant wait to workout !!!! I feel that I do not have time for absolutely nothing 🤣 !! and I still cannot see the idea of ​​going out alone with two children to the market or for shopping 🤣.

• Little Tess is a very good baby, her first 2 days she ate every hour (we did not sleep at all those day 🤯) but now she eats between 3 and 4 hours, she smiles and she loves sofi’s voice and she only wants to be held by momma ! she is adorable.

• Leo! I think he is happy with the new baby, when he saw her he was very excited, but sometimes I think he cannot believe that we brought another mini sofi to the home ! 😅 

My little Tess love to be at home and she loves her cute bassinet from Delta Children it is just perfect and beautiful. I use it near our bed and during the day I can easily move it to any room of the house and thus we can be close to Tessa while she is sleeping. 

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