Hello guys !! 

I feel like I haven't written around here for a long time. so I'm happy to be back. Today I want to share with you a beautiful Christmas tradition that we have included this year, the pop-tarts gingerbread house. 

I loved this activity as a family, Sofi and Tess were happy and entertained for a while, we had fun, it was zero expensive, easy to do and cute. 

What do you need 

6 strawberry Pop-tarts 

1 icing cookies bag

M & Ms 

What we use for decoration 

(you can add or use any candies that you have at home too )

1 Hershey

Little marshmallows 

1 Candy can 

1 Pirouette Chocolate straws 

A little bit of sprinkles 

A chocolate snowman 

Life cereal 


1. Icing the walls and stand and press together 

2. Place the roof pieces on 

3. Frosting and decorate

You can use all the decor or ideas that you want, it such a fun family activity for this Christmas ! 
Please let us know if you do it,  we would love to see your pop-tarts gingerbread houses :) 

Have a  Merry Christmas you all !!


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